Want to get hired fast? Optimize your Linkedin account

Want to get hired fast? Optimize your Linkedin account

Do you want to network with professionals and grow your business in the process? Or are you in search of opportunity with an objective to come under the regular earning club? Linkedin social networking offers a triple advantage of networking, business development and job search under a marquee. Job hunting has taken a complicated turn particularly in third world countries. It takes immense earnestness to make your credits known to your employer.

It seems Linkedin has stepped in with a mission to ease the trouble normally undertaken to secure a position in a well established firm.

Now after you sign up and open your account, then what? How will you reach your goal? You need a customized and SEO optimized profile that is suggestive of itself. There are a few tricks that when put in the right perspective yield the outcome that you hope for.

Catchy headline and impressive photo: The headline implicates your credentials and skills that in effect can create a very good first impression only when coupled with a good display picture. If the headline is SEO optimized the better your chances are.
Attachments to showcase your past works: Through Linkedin, myriads of attachments in the form of images, videos, links, documents and other presentation could be added to sections of Education, Summary and Experiences. This is indeed a right move to project your skills and past works to win more works.
Customize Linkedin URL: Consider customizing the public profile URL in your Linkedin account. Instead of numbers in the end, you can always customize with your name or company name that increases your profile weight manifold.
Attractive anchor text links: Anchor text links of your personal website or blogs can be modified to be more attractive than the regular options innate in Linkedin. Three websites are supported by each Linkedin profile and it is certainly upon you to make it first-rate.
Profile badge to link your profile: A profile badge can be added to link your Linkedin profile to your website or blog that in turn gives the profile a boost.
Improve and update your profile: You can always tweak your current profile by rearranging and adding new details that are search engine optimized. Or if you feel certain sections are outdated you could easily efface them from the face of your Linkedin profile and replace them with fresh news.
Search engine Optimization of the profile: Search engine optimization of your profile can bring it on top of searches when people query for a specific keyword in Linkedin. It is always wise to insinuate such keywords in the summary or headline section so that your prospective clients can find you.
Resume builder and Linkedin job Board: The resume builder tool in Linkedin can transform your profile into more of a resume format. What you can do is to edit it after choosing the template and then export it as PDF. Hence the exasperation in job hunting can be drastically reduced. Linkedin job Board updates list of fresh new vacancies that you can elect from besides the resume builder services that the website provides. Job searches within the ambit of industry and location are facilitated by the website along with suggestion of jobs matching your profile.
Save searches to get updated about latest developments: The ‘save search’ option holds back ten of your job searches and three of your people searches so that you can conduct the same search again later. Weekly or monthly reminders in the form of email give you an account of the new members that joined fresh in Linkedin or about a new job that suits your criteria. This is in addition to the daily reminders of job searches that you receive via the email.
Linkedin Endorsements: Endorsement feature launched in 2012, lets other user to endorse you for skills listed by you in your Skills and Expertise section. The users can also recommend you for skills that have not been listed in your profile. Option for removing such skills that the users have endorsed you with is available with Linkedin.
Who viewed your profile: With ‘Who viewed your profile’ feature of Linkedin you can hunt down people that you ought to be connecting with. Alternatively you can switch your settings to being identifiable so that people would know that you have visited their profile.
Import contact from email: You can always import contact from your email using the navigation tab in the home screen. Clicking on the ‘add connection’ link from the drop down menu, you can connect with your email contacts.
Advance search option: Advance search option enables you to find out whether you are connected to an individual in a particular company or group using relationship option. This can display individuals with whom you enjoy first or second degree connections via Linkedin.
Connecting with company/individual: If you want an individual or company to see your status update, make use of an effective Digital Marketing concept; simply include @ symbol before their names and bingo your status is read by whomever it is concerned. It is easier to share your Linkedin updates with your Twitter followers by you sharing with Public + twitter option in the update composer.
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