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Our team of developers will build a mobile app that is compelling and accessible to a diverse group of customers on Android devices

Short Overview

We at Digital Fives have been working on Android for quite some time. To know more about what we did, feel free to check our case studies.

  • Android Mobile apps have unmatched compatibility, and we build platforms that works with a variety of different hardware and devices
  • This operating system can present your users with an engaging experience, and provide your business with a chance to extend your digital reach
  • The customization options through Android mobile apps allow for consistent innovation as your market, and business, continues to grow
Development in Android

Benefits of having your OWN Android App?

Building your mobile app though the Android operating system is a great way to reach a global audience.

The majority of the mobile market is using Android-supported devices, and choosing to develop your app on this platform will grant your business with access to a wider demographic. This vast impact gives you the freedom of targeting a specific type of customer, without being limited by their geographic region. Regardless of the industry your business is in, or the audience you hope to serve, reaching them will be easy through Android mobile app development. Our developers will work with you to build a platform that will be able to serve this global market, while maintaining the purpose and goals of your brand.
Global Audience

There are a large number of different mobile devices that utilize the Android operating system.

Likewise, there are multiple online stores in which a customer can purchase an Android mobile app. From Google Play, to the Amazon App Store, and a variety of independent locations, your audience will have many options when it comes to accessing your mobile app. The number of stores and the number of devices available to Android users only increases the visibility of your app and the access that users will have to it on a regular basis. While these devices may vary in size, screen, and software, our developers will build a mobile app that is compatible with all Android options. It can be challenging to create a platform that is universally supported, however, our team has the required expertise and training to optimize your app for all devices that are working with the Android operating system.

Having a mobile app that is compatible with different devices will require regular maintenance and testing for quality assurance.

You want to make sure that your app is working properly for your entire audience, and set an expectation that any issues that arise will be addressed promptly and thoroughly. The massive number of Android users means that quality will be expected, and our developers will work with you to create and maintain the best experience for your audience by making sure your mobile app is being updated on a regular basis. By ensuring the functionality and performance of your platform, you will be able to maintain your position within the market, and stay on top of industry trends.
Quality Assurance

The open source software that Android mobile apps are based around allows for more flexibility in which programs developers choose to build.

Developers can take full advantage of this and create deeply customized applications to fit the needs of your business. New technologies and complex building platforms can all be utilized to expand your mobile app and integrate it into the rest of your online channels. The developers at Blue Fountain Media have experience in the construction of Android mobile apps, and they will use the flexibility of the Android software to build a mobile app that is customized to reflect your business, and fit the needs of your growing audience.
Open Source

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